Lake Travis Pre-fishing

13 November 2009

I fished Lake Travis today in preparation for my ATX tournament there on the 22nd of this month.  It went fairly well.  I’ve established a pretty good pattern that I feel confident will still be there come tournament day.  Actually, I’ve been fishing the same basic pattern at all the lakes I’ve been fishing since the Fishing For Freedom tournament at Belton.  It’s a pretty classic autumn pattern, and I’m actually really surprised that there are very few guys who have got it figured out.  Everyone else seems to be talking about how tough the fishing is at Travis right now.  Only problem today was I didn’t really get any big fish.  All the keepers I caught were between 1-2lbs.  I think I only had about seven pounds for my limit today.  I’ve got to believe that this pattern can produce bigger fish though if I hit enough spots in the tournament.  I learned from the Fishing For Freedom tournament.  I’ve got a pattern established and I know exactly where the fish are positioned.  I plan on moving pretty fast and covering a lot of water.  I’ll be headed out again tomorrow to try and establish some possible back up patterns.


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